Smart City Starter Kit

Smart City Starter Kit

3.255 €

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All you need to get started creating your own Smart City

Model/Product no.: 500
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC - 1WEU 868 MHz
  • 1 x Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell LoRaWAN Gateway 868 MHz
  • 1 x Huawei E3372H 4G USB Modem
  • 1 x Adeunis LoRaWAN Field Tester 868MHz
  • 1 x SCAN 9dBi Antenna, 824-894MHz
  • 1 x SCAN Antenna mount bracket
  • 1 x SCAN, 1 m. Antenna Cable M/M
  • 1 x Kerlink PoE INJECTOR 30W EU
  • 1 x Digital Matter Oyster2 GPS tracker 868 MHz
  • 1 x Ascoel LoRaWAN Magnetic Contact Detection with Temp and Humidity
  • 1 x Digital Matter Configuration Cable
  • 2 x Gateway Configuration and test
  • 1 x Citel Surge Protectors MJ8-POE
  • 1 x Citel Coaxial Surge Protec. P8AX-6G
  • 1 x Cibicom LoRaWAN Networkserver testsubscription. 2 month

With The Smart City Starter Kit you will quickly start creating a Smart City with all the benefits it gives you to monitor, locate and remotely read sensors in the area you are in charge of.

It may be opening doors and windows; it may be an overview of where vehicles, tools or aids are located, etc. By expanding with other sensors, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. There are sensors for almost all purposes, humidity, soil moisture, air pollution, water levels, parking spaces, trash cans, etc.

The Smart City Starter Kit is all you need from gateways, a variety of sensors, 2 month test subscription to Teracom LoRaWAN Network Server and registration on this as well as configuration of sensors, and 30 day 4G data subscription for 4G internet backhaul, if not ethernet or wifi is used.

Smart City Starter Kit includes:

  • Kerlink iBTS Compact with 4G Modem incl. PoE (outdoor)
  • Scan 9 dBi Antenna incl. mounting bracket and cable
  • Kerlink iFemtocell (indoor)
  • Digital Matter Oyster GPS Tracker, incl. configuration cable
  • Ascoel LoRaWAN Magnetic Contact detection
  • Adeunis Field Tester
  • Citel Surge Protection
  • Huawei 4G modem 
  • 2 month of Cibicom LoRaWAN network server subscription

In addition, it is possible to purchase counseling, workshops and training of employees, etc. Obtain separate offers.


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