Kerlink Wanesy Wave

Kerlink Wanesy Wave

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Multi-technology tracking anchor

Model/Product no.: 75

Wanesy Wave is an anchor that combines Wi-Fi and BLE (for Bluetooth Low Energy) tracking technologies and LoRaWAN backhauling to create highly reliable and secured smart retail, smart assets monitoring and smart indoor tracking solutions. Wanesy Wave is designed to answer hospitals, buildings or industrial site managers or mall operators that critically need real-time information on their assets position or people counting information. Wanesy Wave embedds a scanning, counting and zoning application that brings the real-time answers to the questions in the core of the concerns: 


  • “How many people &/or assets are in that specific area?” 
  • “How many people &/or assets have been in that place for more than 10 minutes or 1 hour?” 
  • “Which are the new assets within the last 10 minutes?”
  • “What is the list of assets in that area?”
  •  “Where is this specific asset?”
  • “How many people visited my shop?
  • “How many people attended my art gallery?
  • “What is the flow of visitors / customers / citizens in my buildings?
  • “What is the inventory of assets in a specific area?
  • “Where are my assets in my buildings?
  • “How can I prevent my staff to move my assets outside a given area?




Weight < 200g
Dimensions 100 x 75 x 22 mm

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