Elsys ELT-1-Lite

Elsys ELT-1-Lite

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ELT-1-Lite LoRaWAN general device that measures analogue or digital signals


Model/Product no.: 368
Weight: 0,1 kg

Category: Accessories


ELT-1-Lite is a general LoRaWAN device that measures analogue or digital signals. The ELT-1-Lite has a multi purpose input like the ELT-1, but no internal sensors. ELT-1-Lite can for example be used together with electricity metersflow meters, analogue sensors, moisture sensors or temperature sensors.

ELT-1-Lite is enclosed in an IP67 box and is designed to be outside.

ELT-1-Lite is powered by a 3,6V AA lithium battery (ER14505). 

Antenna and battery is not included



Weight 0,1
Dimensions 94 59 35 mm

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