Sweco Garbage Sensor, Ultrasonic, inhouse antenna

Sweco Garbage Sensor, Ultrasonic, inhouse antenna

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Ultrasonic sensor for measuring level in wastecontainers

Model/Product no.: 493
Weight: 0,18 kg

The level sensor is based on an ultrasonic measurement of the level in the waste container. The measurement takes place by the sensor transmitting a number of sound pulses and then measuring how long it takes before the reflection is received again. The level sensor can measure a maximum of a distance of up to 4 meters depending on the waste. Soft waste shorter distance. The sound waves are emitted at an angle of approx. 30 degrees. The geometry of the containers therefore has a bearing on the maximum distance. Due to the measuring principle, the sensor cannot measure if the distance from the level sensor to the surface of the waste is less than approx. 35 centimeters.




Weight 180 g.
Dimensions 13,5 x 7,5 x 5 cm.