Holley LoRaWAN el-måler

Holley LoRaWAN el-måler

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Holley LoRaWAN three-phase meter


Model/Product no.: 490
Weight: 0,68 kg

The Holley three-phase meter with LoRaWAN interface is a compact power meter for the direct measurement of the active energy in an energy direction in a 3 or 4-wire network. In addition to the display and the pulse LED, consumption can also be transmitted via LoRaWAN. The counter can act as class A or C device. The configuration takes place via LoRaWAN downlink messages. In the standard configuration, a measured value is generated every 15 minutes, so that a load profile can be formed if necessary. The meter complies with all standards in order to be able to deliver measured values ​​for billing purposes and has been in productive use in high numbers for more than a year.



Weight 680 g.
Dimensions 250,5 x 170 x 52,5 mm.

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