Lobaro wMBUS over LoRaWAN Bridge

Lobaro wMBUS over LoRaWAN Bridge

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Smart metering: Increasing range of Wireless M-Bus or OMS with LoRaWAN

Model/Product no.: 452
Weight: 0,08 kg

The Lobaro wireless MBUS (wMBUS) to LoRaWAN Bridge is a cost-effective & energy-efficient device that receives, caches and transparently transmits (1:1) wireless M-Bus telegrams (FSK radio) from up to 500 consumption meters (on request: up to 1,500) downstream via any LoRaWAN networks (LoRa radio) to the Internet.

LoRaWAN allows connections to the Internet with wireless ranges of up to 5 kilometers between the transmitter and the gateway antenna - without the usual mobile phone costs in classic smart metering solutions. Also - unlike mobile phones - if necessary easily own gateways can be built. This often results in much lower running costs with the Lobaro Bridge compared to conventional remote meter reading via GPRS / LTE networks.


Weight 0,08 kg.
Dimensions 114,30 mm (b) x 59,30 mm (l) x 26,80 mm (h)

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